Resident Evil: Revelation, because it’s a clever title

Resident Evil: Revelations succeeds where other RE titles have disappointed. The game seems to take a hybrid form from the traditional survival horror and the newer action-paced Resident Evil games. It will make you jump within it’s ghostship atmosphere, but as you progress through the main story you’ll find it losing that feel or who knows maybe your just becoming braver.

The story, that pans out to a nice 10 hours, starts with Jill and Parker setting out on mission to find Chris and Jessica. Their last known location was on the Queen Zenobia. Little did these B.S.A.A (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) agents realize that Chris and Jessica were on a snowy mountain location researching the return of Veltro, the bio0terroist responsible for the outbreak at Terragrigia. Overall, you may get confused with who’s in what organization, especially as you go into the past and relive some moments when some characters where members of the F.B.C (Federal Bioterrorism Commission)., but now they’ve switched groups. You’ll eventually get a handle over it! Much like the title of the game insinuates they’ll be moments of confusions while playing till you hit the big REVELATION.

If you are without a Circle Pad Pro you will rely heavily on the dodge ability, which is a bit shady. In order to dodge you simple need to move up on your analog stick at the right precise moment, otherwise your character will end up moving forward into the blow. While the addition of dodge really helps out, it should not have been put on the one thing that controls your movement. It could have easily been placed on A or B. Outside of that, the game plays well enough so that you don’t need the Circle Pad to enjoy the game.

That being said if you are able to lay down the extra $20 on the accessory it’s definitely worth it. It may be easy just to buy both at once and tell yourself that it’s just a $60 game. The device feels ergonomic, plus it’s the perfect addition for a shooter. This should open up a larger variety of titles onto the 3DS. For Revelations, it allows the game to be played much like you were playing RE5 on a console. Dodging is still the same annoyance, but with the added analog you’re able to move around- thus manually dodging in a way.

Revelations gives you enough difficulty settings to keep you playing and replaying for sometime. Outside of just what difficulty you’re playing on, the game also progressively get’s harder as you move through the 12 chapters. 3D is also rather neat on this title, granted there’s probably no-one who plays any 3ds game in complete consistent 3d. Capcom has also given players a few more options in terms of the dimensional aspect. Within the option menu players can enhance the slider from ‘normal’ to ‘very strong’. It’s a fun feature to play with, I tend to like just the slightest amount of depth added to my play. If you turn on very strong though it looks like there’s literally a little world within the top screen on your 3ds.

Having a scanning device seemed really awesome at first. The Genesis scanner allows players to scan their environment to look for hidden ammo, herbs, and ‘handprints’. You can also scan enemies to research them, but getting to 100% generally always just gets you another herb. Granted, this is useful especially in sticky situations, but eventually it’ll just bog you down as something else to do in each room.

The graphics looked spectacular in this game, it may not have looked like a console game, but it fooled me enough not to care. The new B.O.W (Bio Organic Weapons) reflected the environments they were in. While aboard the Queen Zenobia these creatures took on an aquatic like appearance. This built the setting up into a high crescendo, unfortunately the game would take you away from this and stick you with other characters. Most of the time their environments were lacking, and I saw most of the cutaways as comic relief. This was true when you play as Keith and Quint, both two new addictions to RE family. It’s extremely hard to stay in the mood when you have one character whose radio codename is jackass.

Musically Revelations is full of wonderful scores. The music will fully emerge players into the story, be the cause of their jumping, and possibly be one of the reasons they close their 3DS after a little scare’.

This first track is played when you explore the Queen Dido, while it doesn’t reflect the horror atmosphere of the game, it portrays a rather grand and majestic air.

Ambient sounds are important as they’re not always the most critical thing on players minds but it moves them further and further into the game. This particular track is from the Laboratory.

 Overall, Resident Evil : Revelation is a must have title for the 3DS



3 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Revelation, because it’s a clever title”

  1. I’m glad developers are focusing more and more on music in portable games these days. I take it it sounds amazing with headphones?

  2. I’ll admit, I was spooked by the ambient noises the most in the game… And the occasional pop-out-a-no-where monsters… Even then, it was the loud sound that accompanied their entrance that made me jump -___-

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